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There’s a lot to love about Boise. Those of us who call this city home don’t need another national ranking to tell us it’s special. Still, it’s hard to define this place we share: We’re a blue dot in a red sea; we’re a metropolis that feels like a small town; we’re growing exponentially but often resistant to change. Every day, you’ll hear from the team highlighting what makes this beautiful, complex city we call home just a little bit better. Get in touch with us at

Emma Arnold

Podcast host

A Boise hidden gem:
Dog Island! An amazing dog park in Anne Morrison Park surrounded by water with gorgeous trees, a fantastic place to meet new people and their pups.

Someone from Boise you should know about:
Samuel Paden. Incredible queer artist, always creating beautiful, powerful art in multiple mediums.

Best pop culture about Boise:
Season 2 Episode 18 of the X-Files, for the tiger showing up in Boise. We’re getting a lot more press these days but this will always be my favorite.

Frankie Barnhill

Lead Producer

Something we do better in Boise than anywhere else:
Boise’s dog culture is remarkable. People LOVE pups and hundreds of rescues from out-of-state are sent here because the “adopt don’t shop” mantra has really been embraced in Boise. The number of stores, breweries welcome doggos is

ever-expanding while the Boise River, foothills and city parks are a natural playground for pet families. Plus: some recently revamped laws about animal cruelty puts furry friends front and center in our city code.

Someone from Boise you should know about:
You may have previously read his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All The Light We Cannot See, but did you know that author Tony Doerr lives in Boise? He’s a local literary hero and the city is lucky to share some of his shine!

Evelyn Avitia

Audio Producer

Where I’d take you to eat in Boise:
Chip Cookies. Have a sweet tooth? An ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie is a must.

The tourist trap in town that’s actually great:
Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

Someone from Boise you should know about:
Richard the Mule and his handler aim to connect with the community by getting people to appreciate the outdoors and enjoy good coffee. People can hike to Richard in the Boise Foothills. 

Blake Hunter

Newsletter Editor

A Boise hidden gem:
Waterbear Lounge, where there are always more plants than humans and the best cocktails (in the PNW??).

Where I’d take you to eat in Boise:
Txikiteo, and whatever veggie sandwich they have on the menu.

Someone from Boise you should know about:
Benito Skinner, a comedian and TikToker.