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What is City Cast Boise?

City Cast Boise is the daily news podcast that connects us to the city we love. With a companion newsletter, it’s the place where curiosity and passion for Boise meets. Host Frankie Barnhill is a longtime local journalist and podcaster, and she’s excited to talk about people, places, and problems that matter to you.

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Meet Our Host

Frankie Barnhill has reported on Boise for more than 10 years. As a national award-winning local journalist, she’s followed the exponential growth the City of Trees has experienced for the last decade. Her stories have been heard on NPR, the BBC and Boise State Public Radio. She’s ever-curious about Boise, and isn’t afraid to ask some pretty out there questions on behalf of listeners! Frankie loves this city for its lively music and arts scene, and is always hungry for Bar Gernika croquetas (who isn’t?!) after a hike through Hull’s Gulch. As much as she celebrates her adopted home, she can often be heard complaining about how climate change is making the summers unbearable and the winters almost non-existent. Oh, and don’t get her started on the lack of affordable housing! Find her tweeting about her dog here

Why launch City Cast in Boise?

Boise is (finally) on the map — whether we like it or not. Those of us who call this city home don’t need another national ranking to tell us it’s special. Still, it’s hard to define this place we share: We’re a blue dot in a red sea; we’re a metropolis that feels like a small town; we’re growing exponentially but often resistant to change; “Boise Kind” is the city’s new mantra — but not everyone is feeling the love. 

At City Cast Boise, we’re endlessly curious about our city’s contradictions and complexity. Our goal is to celebrate Boise’s wins, critique ourselves when we fall short, attempt to answer the community’s Big Questions of the day, discover the city’s unique hideaway spots, and imagine the Treasure Valley’s future while considering our past. 

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