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The Best Patios in Boise

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on June 12
More rooftop bars, please! (@barbacoa_boise / Instagram)

More rooftop bars, please! (@barbacoa_boise / Instagram)

Despite what the remarkable weather would lead you to believe, it is still summertime! And starting Wednesday, it looks like things might be clearing up: High temperatures are thankfully staying at a reasonable level in the mid-80s, but the sun is coming back out for more than a couple hours at a time.

If that wakes up an itch to plant yourself on a patio with something cold to drink, you might be feeling what 103.5’s Mateo says is the magical effect of patio season.

“I love patios for multiple reasons — being on a patio is the least of them, believe it or not,” Mateo told City Cast Boise. “When patio season kicks in, everything in the city turns upside down, the energy changes, people change, the vibes change, I just believe it’s a thing in the air. So even if you don’t do a patio all summer long, when the season is in effect, I feel like people are just better.”

Here are Mateo’s and City Cast Boise host Emma Arnold’s favorite patios:

What did they miss? Where do you go? Shoutout your favorites!

Remember to wear your sunscreen, make a reservation if you can, and if you’re looking to open a business, please consider opening a rooftop pool!

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