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The Best Sandwiches in Town

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on November 18, 2022   |   Updated on June 15
While Txikiteo (pronounced "chee-kee-tay-o") is still open, try their jamon sandwich, or their rotating vegetarian sammies. (@txikiteoboise / Instagram)

While Txikiteo (pronounced "chee-kee-tay-o") is still open, try their jamon sandwich, or their rotating vegetarian sammies. (@txikiteoboise / Instagram)

This week, I asked y’all where you like to go to get a local sandwich, and you did not fail me.

First up, though, I have some sad news to get out of the way: my pick was going to be the jamon sandwich from Txikiteo — consistent, tangy, salty, and fresh, it’s my favorite go-to sandwich that’s cheap and super close to where I live.

BUT, they just announced that New Year’s Eve will be their last day in business. It’s sad, but I’m grateful for all that Txikiteo has done, and for having one of Boise’s best charcuterie boards.

Now, let’s get rolling with some of your favorite sandwiches (and keep your eye out for a City Cast Boise Best Sandwiches podcast episode in the future).

Connie voted for The Caprese at the Boise Co-op, and a’Tavola’s French Brie with tomatoes and greens on rustic bread. “With chips or salad $14.99. HUGE! I get half wrapped when I order to take home. Delicious!!”

That brie sandwich is also a favorite of Minerva Jayne’s — who’s on the podcast on Monday — who recommends pairing it with prosecco. It’s also my boyfriend’s favorite, and he can’t eat dairy, so that sammie must really be worth it.

But a’Tavola doesn’t have the market cornered. Mary recommends The Roosevelt Market, which I second. She wrote: “Everything from a Gondolier to an East Ender is great. And if you’re in the mood for an Adult Grilled Cheese, they have it!”

Victoria is also team Roosevelt, recommending The Cubano.

Another heavy hitter is Lemon Tree, which was shouted out by both Caitlin (yam and cheese), and Johanna, who said, “Here at [work], any time we order lunch, it’s Lemon Tree all the way baby!”

And rounding out the strongest sandwich opinions, City Cast Boise’s Frankie likes Bar Gernika’s spicy lamb grinder, Emma likes MB’s (“the MB sandwich specifically”), and Cobby’s, which got several other endorsements.

Thank you for taking this as seriously as I do, and for giving me several more sandwiches to try.

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