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The Best Ways to Keep Boise Pride Going

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on September 11
Thanks for a great Pride weekend, Boise! (Idaho Statesman / Getty)

Thanks for a great Pride weekend, Boise! (Idaho Statesman / Getty)

The official Boise Pride Festival is over and we’ve celebrated Pride twice this year. Now, it’s time to keep the momentum rolling. In a state suppressing its LGBTQ+ citizens — and a city becoming less safe for queer and trans people — it takes work, energy, time, and money to keep people safe. So let’s get to work!

And remember: If Boise isn’t safe for all queer and trans people, it isn’t safe for queer and trans people.

Where to Spend Your 💸

Here are a few groups doing direct LGBTQ+ community work — and if you’re deciding between organizations, I’d suggest choosing the ones without existing corporate sponsorships.

Where to Spend Your Energy

As City Cast Boise host Emma Arnold said recently, one of the biggest ways that cisgender and straight folks can help their LGBTQ+ neighbors is by getting really good at conflict. Harassment is increasing for everyone, but especially for queer and trans people. Getting good at bystander intervention and de-escalation will pay off time and again.

And support queer artists!

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