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Where to Get the Best Breakfast Burrito in Boise

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on November 3
Rating Boise's breakfast burritos, and finding the keys to the best ones. (Getty)

Rating Boise's breakfast burritos, and finding the keys to the best ones. (Getty)

Breakfast burritos are a divisive topic, even within our city. City Cast Boise podcast host Emma Arnold brought contributor Jimmy Dawson into the fray, and things got a little saucy.

Go-To Spots

A bit of a cult classic in the North End, Emma recommends the Morning Heater, but you can get a few different options. Jimmy gives Pac-Out a B+.

Also, breaking news: They recently changed their hashbrowns, so if you haven’t been in a while, give them a try.

While Jimmy and Emma are divided on Bad Boy, it’s Emma’s go-to for a morning of running errands.

A good pick for a breakfast and leftover lunch situation, this taco truck on Overland makes breakfast burritos that truly excel once they have a salsa on them.

Heads up to the tall folk out there, but Emma says to give this one a shot. I agree with Jimmy that Goldy’s is sometimes overrated, but their breakfast burrito is a solid option. It’s not one you can pick up and take anywhere, though.

The Ideal Idaho Breakfast Burrito

Now, what would the emblematic Boise breakfast burrito look like? Here are Jimmy and Emma’s takes:

  • Good potatoes, obviously. To them, that means crispy hashbrowns.
  • Jimmy wants spinach and red onion, as an ode to the bygone Even Stevens breakfast burrito.
  • Basque chorizo.
  • A huckleberry mustard-based hot sauce from Moscow, apparently.

If you’re reading this in the afternoon and your favorite breakfast burrito joint isn’t serving anymore, here’s where Emma and Jimmy recommend you go for a local drive-thru style burger. Spoiler: It will never be In-and-Out.

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