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Where to Find Boise's Best Ice Cream

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on July 21
Delsa's roadside sign, which says "Shake it up this summer," with the sunset in the background.

What ice cream places did we miss? Email them to me at (Frankie Barnhill / City Cast Boise)

For your weekend consideration: ice cream. Yesterday on City Cast Boise, lead producer Frankie Barnhill and contributor Jimmy Dawson toured the Treasure Valley’s ice cream scene and came away with a few recommendations. For hotter takes, check out the episode.

Reed’s Dairy, on Lake Hazel Road

As Jimmy says, this is a homegrown Idaho classic uninterested in aesthetics but dialed in on the decadence. Here in the Treasure Valley, there are locations on Lake Hazel Road, on Chinden Boulevard in Meridian, and in Kuna.

The STIL, all over

Frankie made up the term “third-wave ice cream,” but the STIL is the source material. The “Fresh Powder” vanilla cream cheese is great, as are their booze-infused ice creams. Plus, they’ve got solid dairy-free options! Their main location is in BoDo, and they’ve got others in Barbery Valley, on Latah on the Bench, and one in Caldwell.

Goody’s in Hyde Park

When you can keep your wait in line under 10 minutes, this is the best spot for the vibes; There are too few old soda fountains anymore, and this is a classic.

Delsa’s in the West Bench

This is a 1950’s-style parlor with burgers on the side that has been around for a long time.

🥯 A Couple Other Bites

The former location of Idaho Blueprint and Supply, which was open for over a century, is being considered for a new “classic college bar” location by Todd Asin, who runs The Atlas Bar and The Royal.

It's hard to believe we've already had a year of Goldstein's! (@goldsteinsbagels / Instagram)

It's hard to believe we've already had a year of Goldstein's! (@goldsteinsbagels / Instagram)

And lastly, congratulations to the team at Goldstein’s Bagels and Bialys, who opened one of the best bagel spots in town (and only bialy spot) one year ago this week!

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