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3 Questions With Jim Millard

Frankie Barnhill
Frankie Barnhill
Posted on April 6   |   Updated on June 28
An illustration of a yellow spaceship flying, with the words SPACECHIP SEEN OVER IDAHO! above it.

Idaho’s one of the leading states for reported UFO sightings. (Buyenlarge / Getty)

The truth is out there, and a lot of people are convinced it’s in Idaho. Jim Millard leads the Idaho chapter of the Mutual UFO Network to investigate unidentified flying objects over our state.

What kind of UFO sightings do you investigate in Idaho?

"We’ve had just about everything in Idaho. I see a lot of reports of the Star Link satellites right after launch. Most often … it’s something that’s astronomical. It’s something that’s out in space that people couldn’t identify what it was. [Last] month I had one that happened to be Jupiter and Venus ... when you notice two bright lights in the sky and they’re not really moving, that’s a pretty big give away that it’s a star or planet."

Do parts of the state see more activity than other parts?

"The majority of the reports I’ve been getting have been coming from [North Idaho]. There seems to be a lot of activity up there, and a lot of that is unknowns. However, only 5%of our cases usually turn out to be unknown — we can figure out about 95% of them, which people don’t like."

And with that 5%, MUFON doesn’t say “you saw an alien” — you say it’s unknown, correct?

"Correct. We suspect that the majority of them are probably terrestrial … [b]ut we don’t know that, and we don’t know where they’re from, so they’re just unknown, and that’s the best we can say."

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