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3 Questions With JJ Saldaña & Antonio Hernandez on Brunch Spots

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on January 12   |   Updated on June 17
May we all aspire to this level of brunch expertise! (@jjsaldana / Twitter)

May we all aspire to this level of brunch expertise! (@jjsaldana / Twitter)

“The Latino Card” hosts JJ Saldaña and Antonio Hernandez joined City Cast Boise earlier this week to talk brunch, and they have some tips.

Q: What makes for a good brunch spot?
Antonio: “When it comes to food, you have to have your staple breakfast-y things — I guess what I would call the ‘unhealthier’ version of it. And then to balance it all out, there should be some healthier options — not that you’re always going to pick those. When you do brunch, you need to pick somewhere where everyone can pick something that they’re going to enjoy.”

Q: It seems that brunch is really about the people you’re with, is that true?

A: JJ: “Very much so. People don’t want to miss out on brunch, because it’s where we catch up with everybody. All of us have very busy work lives and brunch is a great time to relax, and we do have to say that what happens at brunch, stays at brunch.”

Q: What is brunch about for you, Antonio?

A: Antonio: “Honestly, this is the thing: I do think you need to be treating yourself, just as a fundamental thing for 2023. It’s an old saying, but I think it rings true, especially now where we can almost work from anywhere. We can have work at our fingertips constantly. So it’s a good idea to treat yourself.”

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