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3 Questions About the Boise Hawks

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on July 6
Catch the City Cast Boise team at Memorial Stadium every Wednesday for the rest of the season! (Kidding, mostly.) (City Cast Boise)

Catch the City Cast Boise team at Memorial Stadium every Wednesday for the rest of the season! (Kidding, mostly.) (City Cast Boise)

City Cast Boise contributor Jocelyn Robertson brought the City Cast Boise team to the ballpark, and we have some recommendations for how to have a great time at a Boise Hawks game.

Q: Jocelyn, what can people expect at a Boise Hawks game?

A: I love the Memorial Stadium, because it’s old school baseball. It’s got little tiny plastic seats that fold up and down, it’s got nowhere to put your drink, but it feels really personal and really intimate. The crowds are always enthusiastic, you can see all the action, and you don’t have to wait in a super long line for any drinks or hot dogs or anything, and you can get to your seat easily — this just feels like hometown baseball.

Q: What are some tips for how to enjoy the game?

Emma: I didn’t get the Idaho Philly cheesesteak, but it looked good as hell. Honestly, everything I saw somebody eating there and everything I ate was really tasty; perfect baseball park food, honestly. I got the Killer Kielbasa on Jocelyn’s recommendation, and it was incredible.

Jocelyn: Sit on the third base side, even though that’s technically the visitors’ side, it’s not in the glaring sun. … Have your hot dog early while it’s hot, and as the game is in the seventh inning stretch, get that ice cream and it’ll take you through to the end.

Blake: We went on a Wednesday and it could not have been better. I’ve been on Saturdays and you should go to that, but if you’re anxious about the mass of people and being crowded, go on a weeknight.

Q: For people on the fence, do you recommend trying a Hawks game?

Blake: If you feel like baseball is not for you, I am really with you — [but] just go try it out.

Jocelyn: I obviously recommend it … [it’s] fun for the whole family, I’m here recruiting new baseball fans.

Emma: I want to tell people: If you haven’t ever been, go, and if you have been but it’s been a while, get together a group of friends and just go sit on the shady side and have a great time.

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