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3 Questions With City Cast Boise’s Emma Arnold

Blake Hunter
Blake Hunter
Posted on April 26   |   Updated on June 27
Poster advertising Emma's show has her photo, plus the date and time.

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I’ve been lucky to work with podcast host and comedian Emma Arnold for the last several months, and it’s been an absolute joy. You get to hear her on City Cast Boise every weekday, but I wanted to do a Hey Boise check-in with her since it's been a minute. If you’re a fan of Emma’s comedy or the podcast, head to the VAC tomorrow for her album release party!

Q: What has surprised you about your job so far?

A: "I think I've been most surprised by how quickly and easily our team clicked. It feels like we've been at this forever. In a good way! The experience has been really different from standup comedy, which can be very isolating and competitive. I love being part of something so collaborative, people are always giving each other shoutouts and support and everyone has been incredibly kind to me."

Q: You’ve mentioned that part of the allure of this job is getting to be involved locally. What do you hope to achieve in your community?

A: "I think like a lot of people in the Treasure Valley, these last few years have left me feeling pretty disconnected from my city. Housing, politics, not going out as much, even just the fact that downtown feels barely recognizable! We considered moving but at the end of the day, Boise really is our home. I hope to remind our listeners of the amazing, compassionate, very fun, and unique people that make up our community, for us all to feel more involved and connected and hopeful."

Q: How are you feeling about the album release party tomorrow?

A: "Excited! I’m performing all new material, which is a real treat after touring an hour of standup for over a year to get it album-ready. Visual Arts Collective is one of my favorite venues in the world and it feels very special to celebrate the release of my second comedy special there, since it’s where I taped the first. Plus all my City Cast Boise besties will be there!"

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